Ambassador’s first project! We collaborated with Masaaki Hiraga!

This memorable first activity was a collaboration project between people who are responsible for excavation ambassadors and Masaaki Hiraga who is active as a photo creator.

Masaaki Hiraga has worked on many works as one of the best photographers in Japan.

He is a really wonderful photographer who is still in charge of the photographs of the Ultraman series that you all know and the official photographer of TGC (Tokyo Girls Collection).

It may never be possible for such a wonderful person to take a picture! !! It may be a very valuable experience for ambassadors! I asked for a collaboration ... "It's an interesting site, so it's okay! 』・ ・ ・ I was extremely kind and kindly agreed.

The schedule was decided smoothly, and it really came true.

Thank you very much, Mr. Hiraga! !!

We will keep you posted on the blog about the day and the impressions of the ambassadors!