Start hakku2 First post! !!

Nice to meet you. NFT Marketplace [hakku2] has finally started.
The first time, the operator will write it.

The excavation of the NFT marketplace this time is

Japanese creators dominate the world!

I want to be an NFT starter kit for creators!

It is a platform launched with the idea.

Even if you say creator, it means creator in a very broad sense, so

I think that writers, photographers, engineers, artists, all can be creators.

NFT? IT? Yeah? It doesn't matter to me! I don't know, so no! I don't like difficult things!

There are many people in Japan who are thinking about that.

I'm a person who isn't familiar with IT.

That is why I want to create a platform that allows such people to issue NFTs as a matter of course!

I thought that I proceeded with this project.

Going together so that you can understand what you don't understand, and if you still don't understand, acting together, I think it's important, so the excavation site will proceed freely with the creators!

Is there such a collaboration? It doesn't matter at all!

If you find it fun, I'll do it!

If it can bring out the potential of the creator, I will challenge it with all my heart!

The world will be different for the creators who haven't come in until now just by putting them in the NFT.

That alone is exciting for me!

I want everyone to feel this excitement, so I'll push forward! !!

We look forward to discovering the NFT Marketplace.

The first project is [Collaboration project between ambassador and super famous cameraman]!

looking forward to!